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Concord Steel offers a wide variety of Certified Chemistry Plate products in thicknesses from 1/2″ to 10″ in both pattern sizes as well as random plate sizes to accommodate any part nesting requirements. In addition to certifying every plate’s chemistry, Concord Steel can also provide independent laboratory testing for Yield, Tensile, and Elongation results by plate or by heat number giving you a viable option to prime Mill Certified plate products at a reduced cost.

When using our Certified Chemistry Plate, our customers report savings from 10 to as much as 40 percent versus prime, and depending on actual testing results, some plates meet or exceed 50,000 PSI yield strengths with corresponding tensile strengths.

Concord Steel manages this by purchasing in very large volumes from our Domestic Steel Mill Partners, shipping via rail to ensure the most effective landed costs.

With as much as 5000 plates and over 20,000 tons in inventory at any time, we are able to meet most any surface, chemistry, and physical requirements as well as final multi nesting for scrap savings quickly and cost-effectively.

Our customers who report the highest savings achieve this through utilizing our extensive line up of oxy, plasma, and laser burning equipment, as well as our complete in house machining and fabricating capabilities of their sub-assemblies. Savings include raw material, storage, transportation, scrap, and internal labor. Your pre-burned, machined , and fabricated parts and sub-assemblies arrive just in time, going directly to your production lines.

In addition to our extensive Certified Chemistry Plate inventory, Concord Steel stocks a full range of prime, fully certified plate products in the following ASTM, AISI, and ASME grades and specifications, with 100% traceability and complete producing mill certifications available with every order. Our prime plate products include Structural, HSLA, Alloy, Q&T, PVQ, Abrasion Resistant, and Marine grade plate for a wide variety of construction, fabrication, machining, and manufacturing applications and requirements.


Supplemental Testing Services

LB Steel can also assist you with supplemental testing facilitated within or outside the scope of plate production with the assistance of our partner laboratories and steel mills in order to assure your requirements are met with complete compliance to your testing and certification specifications.



Advantages of Concord Certified Chemistry Plate

  • Reduced costs (as much as 20% below the cost of prime plate)
  • Random mult matching with improved yield (typically 10% or better)
  • Flatness controlled to A6 or better plate tolerance
  • Guaranteed weldability
  • Choice of chemistry for improved machining and forming

At Concord Steel all incoming plate undergoes a ten-point inspection process to identify critical characteristics and verify quality. Next, in-house metallurgists complete a 13-element analysis on every plate and certify the chemical composition in writing. That means that what you order is what you get — guaranteed.

We stock a broad selection of plate, ranging in thickness from 1/2″ to 10″. Chose from more than 20,000 tons of steel plate, available in a variety of pattern sizes, as well as random widths and lengths. All inspected plate is stored inside so it’s quickly and easily accessible.

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